May 21, 2007

Breathtaking regency dress

Normally I don't cross post from my Jane Austen blog to here, but OMG this regency dress is luscious. Just look at the superb workmanship. It's a breathtaking hand-embroidered mull dress with whitework embroidery and a rare train, and a near-perfect embodiment of the Neoclassical style. (1800-1810) At $985 it sold quickly. What a steal.

To view the site with its samples of original clothing, Vintage Textile, click here.

Also on this site is an embroidered French silk purse, c.1780-1800 with the words, "Quand on aime tout est plaisir." Plaisir? Oh, yes. How true.


Linda Merrill said...

omg - so beautiful! I'd wear something like this today to the right place.

BigAssBelle said...

the dress is stunning, but that PURSE!!!! i MUST HAVE IT!!!!