May 26, 2007

But is it art...?

These are Robert Wilson's VOOM portraits that were showcased at the ACE Gallery in Los Angeles. Dahlings, the subjects posed for these high definition video portraits for hours at a time. During her posing session, Jeanne Morreau channeled Marie, Queen of Scots, using her acting skills. As you can see, these portraits are fabulous as stills, and I wish I could have seen them in person, sitting in a room, watching the subjects. I wonder how much leeway they were given to move?

Robin Wright Penn

Jeanne Morreau as Mary, Queen of Scots

Dita Von Teese doing what Dita does best.

See the rest of the exhibit by clicking here.

Click here to hear KCRW art critic Edward Goldman in conversation with Robert Wilson about his "VOOM" portraits at Ace Gallery, Los Angeles. Great interview with an artist.

Learn more about Robert Wilson here.

Not Art

Portrait of the Queen

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