May 19, 2007

What do Cirque du Soleil and the ballet have in common?

Visual, stunning eye candy, that's what. Who doesn't appreciate those gorgeous, perfect bodies twisting and moving in ways most of us can only dream of? Bared bodies, bodies wearing next to nothing and leaving nothing to the imagination, art and artifice, and the stunning result of years of hard work at perfecting one's craft.

Why do I attend the ballet? Oh, I know I'm supposed to be attracted to the music and should appreciate the intricate choreography of live dance. But Ms. Place's diva friends know she has more than a passing interest in the sheer physical beauty of the dancers, and that she prefers the sight of lovely flesh over the cultural experience itself. I never forget my opera glasses. Never. And willingly admit: I am a cultural whore.

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Marius said...

I am a cultural whore.

Oh, Ms. Place, that phrase is like music to my ears. I love your blog. The ballet and Cirque du Soleil are examples of great performance art.