May 9, 2007

What's a non geek to do?

If you know anything about little ol’ moi, you’d know that although I can intuitively navigate through the WWW, and figure out certain software programs, I am totally and completely at the mercy of the kindness of strangers when it comes to computer hardware, maintenance, and upkeep.

Oh, I have some weapons in my arsenal. Spybot. AGV anti spyware and antivirus. McAfee firewall. Adware Alert. Adaware SE Personal. Mozilla Firefox browser. 80 gig external drive for back ups. Back up discs. Boot disc. And Leo Laporte, the tech guy.

I upgrade my programs regularly, run my antivirus program, defrag about two or three times per year, delete cookies, and refuse to click on suspicious emails. BUT. I do poke around the Internet, visiting sites without much thought, and downloading interesting bits and pieces of information.

My bad.

My spyware programs tell me that my machine was infected with two Trojan Horses: Zlob and Cript.j. Both were detected and quarantined. Both are contained.

Or are they? According to Leo, these pesky backdoor viruses continue to lurk in your system and are almost impossible to remove, unless one reformats one’s hard drive and reinstalls one’s programs. So who’s right, you experts out there? Leo Laporte, the tech guru, or my free spyware busters?
It’s your call, dahlings. I’m at the mercy of all of you.

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