May 16, 2007

Melinda Wuz Robbed

Quickly, because my mind ought to be on my work - Melinda Doolittle wuz robbed and I'm madder than hell. Tonight's elimination SUCKED. Blake is cute and quirky and Jordin will one day be a fabulous singer (she's a bit one note right now.)

But Melinda was heads over heels the best singer of the twelve finalists AND the final three. Jordin deserved to move forward. But Blake? Puhlease. Though I like him a lot, his voice doesn't compare to Melinda's.

Thank you for reading my rant. Here is Melinda. And here is Blake. Is there any comparison between these two voices? No. No. No. Will Blake sell CDs? One or two. However, who will have the lasting career and Simon's backing? Melinda.

Blake's predictable and tepid rendition of "Imagine."

Here's Melinda singing "I'm a Woman" like a diva.

Frankly, I don't care who wins Idol now. I won't be watching the finale.


ArtfulSub said...


I offer words of soothing consolation and expand on your thought about who will enjoy the better career.

Being named the American Idol is NOT the be-all and end-all it was in Season One. 3rd, 5th, and 8th place contestants have done better the winners in recent years.

The "WINNER" this year will be obligated to go where the money is for a year. That means audiences of 10-16 year-old girls who want to hear the very latest vapid pop hits. And do media appearances with magazines, radio-stations, and TV shows that also target those 10-16 year-old girls. They don't know who Peggy Lee was, don't want to know, and don't want to listen to her songs.

Ask yourself whether Melinda would enjoy that?

I think she'll be happy to do the 12 person Finalist Tour and then move on.


eric3000 said...

Does the best singer EVER win on American Idol?

(The answer is "no," in case you were wondering.)

Ms. Place said...


Another illusion shattered. Ah.

I agree with AFS. Melinda is better off not winning.

As for E3K's comment, perhaps you are right too. In season one, Kelly Clarkson was better than Justin, but was she better than Tamyra Gray? Good question. Last year's show was a total fiasco. I am through with Idol. Well, on to better shows. Or perhaps I'll finish a book this weekend.

Big Fella said...

It was not surprising, you gotta understand what the demographic is that they are targeting, the 10 to 16 year old, or there about.

It is not and never has been a singing competition, despite what Simon says, it is just a vehicle to develop and sell product to the targeted demographic. Think about all those votes via text messaging, what 60 million or so, at 99 cents a pop, every week for about 12 weeks, factor in the revenue from the commercials, factor in the revenue from the touring, factor in the revenue from record contracts that these people are tied to as a condition of their entry in to the "competition".

Melinda Doolittle will be just fine, this was a great opportunity for her to showcase her talent, and I'll bet it has increased her self-confidence and drive about one million percent. She is a real singer, a real person, a mature young adult and I predict this will not be the last we hear from her.

But I also will not bother to tune in to Idol next week, with Melinda gone, I have no further interest.

All the best to Jordin, stay in school, someday your time will come and all the best to Blake, but please, please, refrain yourself from that beat box schtick, continue having fun with it, and one day get a real job.

jinxy said...

I missed the Americal Idol boat. I was living in Europe with no TV when this show started, so I have never watched it. Seriously, not the first episode.

But I do empathize with you on losing your Idol hopeful in the competition.

But dear, from your gushings I would imagine she was just too fabulous to be judged by the likes of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul...

Anonymous said...

Melinda Doolittle in her first-ever Nightclub engagement

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Alan said...

Although I live in the UK, I got to see Melinda Doolittle live in Nashville almost exactly two years ago. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

I just wish I could make it to Feinstein's this next week, but sadly that is just not possible.

If you can get to New York don't miss the opportunity.