May 10, 2007

Podcast Junkie

Podcast: KCRW's Good Food
I've reviewed this weekly food show before and gave it an excellent rating of two ear buds. Well, the podcast on April 28th with host Evan Kleinman was especially informative, and I just had to review it again.

Ted Allen fans will enjoy hearing his interview, and for those who have never heard of Body Sushi (I haven't) will get an interesting insight into the practice. To download this podcast, click on the links below.

Ted Allen; Body Sushi; Vinaigrettes

Listen to/Watch entire show:

Chef Carol Cotner Thompson shares some simple and unique vinaigrette recipes; Jonathan Gold reflects on his career and winning the Pulitzer Prize for food criticism; Eddie Lin touches on the surprisingly sexy side of sushi; Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Ted Allen compares sexual orientation and food preferences; Mark Schatzker reports on the culture and food of Mongolia; Donald G. McNeil, Jr. addresses the need for water purification and talks about the Life Straw; Enrique Ochoa charts the rising costs of corn and how it’s causing a tortilla crisis in Mexico; and Laura Avery has the Market Report.

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