May 2, 2007

Beefcake Eye Candy

Our feminine sensibilities have been assaulted by beefcake since the 30's when the original Tarzan, Johnny Weismuller, revealed his naked chest and just a hint of skin on the side of his loincloth. Every Mabel and Hazel must have blushed right down to her bloomers.

A generation later, Mariska Hargitay's dad, Mickey, revealed nearly all of his fine physique to an adoring female public.

Then came the 70's. The Governator's steroid-puffed muscles are too pumped for my liking, but he stood out from the rest of the beefcake pack with his intelligence and humor.

Marky Mark brought muscle definition back to a more realistic level, and eroticism to Calvin Klein tidy-whiteys.

...And then there's Brad, the penultimate chest-baring thespian.

Now we have beefcake for the new millenium - the men of Sparta. Watch them sport their washboard stomachs and fine long limbs in It's Rainin' Men, 300 Style

Finally, here's a pretty cool video of Russian bodybuilder Alexander Vishnevskiy imitating a robot to a Kraftwerk style soundtrack. Who knew beefcake could move like this?

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Anonymous said...

That 300 video is catchy and fun!