Feb 3, 2007

Chef Carlos

Carlos and Miss XaXa

Miss XaXa and Chef Carlos Trip the Dish Fantastic!

Miss XaXa Continues Her Journey to Visit Chef Carlos!

Miss XaXa Crosses into Florida

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Boll Weevil: Miss XaXa Continues Her Trip South

As you know, last week I followed Miss XaXa on her way south to see Chef Carlos. This is what he said on his post:

"Special thanks to Java Junkie and Big Shamu for all of the photo-shops as well as the many mentions and support. Also much thanks to Charlus & Miss Xa-Xa (pics of her visit here will be posted soon) for finding out "Where the Boys Are" and the beautiful blown glass piece you gave us. And a shout out to Miss Place and the folks at Blogging Top Chef for your continued support."

His momma brought him up well to write such a lovely thank you letter. Now, let's all visit him on his blog and wish him success in his future. What a classy guy!

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