Feb 13, 2007

Don't even think about these Valentine's Day gifts, folks

Some company named Pajama Gram is hawking its jammies for Valentine's Day, thinking that you'd twirl your lover's cookies by giving them one.

Don't even think about it, least not for an unmarried person. Perhaps your spouse of 15 years would like one of these, but I prefer to choose my own, thank you, for the few occasions I wear them.

Here's my idea of before bed wear for men.

For the same amount of money as those flannel thingies, you could have won my heart with a single perfect rose, a cocktail at the Jefferson Hotel (I AM from Richmond), and an order of parmesan encrusted oysters. And afterwards? A lady doesn't tell.


jinxy said...

Another racket is the Vermot Teddy Bears. $80+ to deliver a teddy bear to someone. Save the money and get me something good. Like diamonds. Those always make me happy :)

Ms. Place said...

Like your watch. Now that says I LOVE YOU in a major way. Those teddy bears are another cop out.