Feb 1, 2007

Top chef Ilan

No surprise tonight, TC fans. Ilan won.

How do I feel about it?
Marcel made a tactical mistake. Mia and Frank requested to work alongside him, but he chose Sam first. Sam wanted to work with Marcel out of intellectual curiosity. And then Marcel chose Mikey at Sam's suggestion! Though subdued and quite intent, I don't think that Mikey was as dedicated as Mia or Frank would have been. Just look at the body language of the two men and the two women in the photo above! Was there any doubt from the start which team wanted their chef to win?

Ilan chose adoring Betty and the ever competent Elia. Betty is good but pedestrian. Elia WANTED Ilan to win. I think she helped to tip the scales in his favor. Is Ilan the better chef? You tell me. He certainly won more quickfire challenges during the season.

At the end, were we ever in suspense? Not really.


Anonymous said...

Why did Marcel listen to Sam? He allowed Sam to take charge and bulldoze over him. Marcel should have decided his team - instead of appeasing Sam. He was a fool not to choose Mia.

Marcel was too disorganized and he took a backseat to Sam. He got upstaged. I laughed when Sam took credit for that dish.

Cliff said...

Couldn't be more right. In fact I asked this question of Marcel during the WWH webisode (dam kid....let me finish the question!). His response was that he would take Mike any day!

While I thought Mike one of the best reasons to watch season two, I could not for the life of me think why Marcel would choose him.

Still alot of maturing to do methinks

Anonymous said...

in the chow interview, marcel said mike exceeded his expectations. i thought it was interesting

Anonymous said...

Marcel also said that Sam contributed very little. Sam hardly did any work during their 4 hr prep. He just chopped a few mushrooms and poured vinegrette.

And Marcel clarified that the sea beans were NOT Sam's idea. Marcel basically sent out the exact same dish as planned - minus the fish that Sam forgot. That's it.

But he said that Michael busted his ass and worked hard. Sam? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Ilan didn't win most Quickfires, Sam did. Ilan won most Eliminations (3).

Ms. Place said...

Hi Anon,

You are correct.

In the context of this post, I meant that Ilan won more quickfire challenges than Marcel, but I was not explicit in my language.