Feb 7, 2007

Eye Candy

My last Eye Candy, Matt Damon, was not a general favorite. However, he fits Ms. Place's criteria perfectly: A man who is not only fit and buff, but whose intelligence shines through his eyes. Ms. Place will not choose the obvious suspects, like a Brad Pitt and George Clooney. She'll leave such coverage to others. Instead, she likes to trod down a path less viewed.

This week's Eye Candy is such a man. He is so fabulous that for once I am at a loss for words. I first saw Olivier Martinez in a 1995 French movie titled "Horseman on the Roof." One did not need to know French to understand this beautiful man's body movements.

I drool. I slaver. I am totally enthralled by this hunky Gallic man. He and Kylie Minogue just broke up. So he's available, dahlings. Feast your eyes and enjoy.


jinxy said...

This is so hilarious that you picked him because I know Oliver... my ex husband handled all his investments, and he frequented the parties we gave. He is ten times more gorgeous in person than on screen.

He is also a very very sweet and kind man. I salute your choice this week.

I did not mean to offend with my lackluster response to Mr. Damon and meant no offense to either of you... of course.

Ms. Place said...

Of course no offense meant, Jinxy. I knew my taste for Matt is not shared by everyone.

How nice to know that Olivier is as kind as he is good looking! You are one lucky woman to know him.

Linda Merrill said...

Yummy! I'm with you sister! And Jinxy! You know him... sigh.. he's the kind of man who I'd be a blathering idiot around. A red-faced blathering idiot!

jinxy said...

LOL who says I wasnt?? I'm pretty sure I brazenly flirted with him once the Pink Champagne took hold a few times. Luckily I'm a Southern Woman so I can just pull my southern belle act and get away with it...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Matt Damon as eye candy, but Olivier is smokin' HOT. Go Jinxy!

lol from another Southern belle