Feb 21, 2007

Color forecast for the next three seasons

Want to know which colors are predicted to be "in" during the next three seasons? Here's an educated guess for Spring-Summer 2007, Fall-Winter, and Spring-Summer 2008.

Once you have this information, you can order wool for your shops, or drapes, yarns, fabrics, jewelry and colors for clothes and interiors, and be reasonably "safe" in your guesswork.

Go to this site at Fire Mountain Gems for more about color forecasting. The other color forecasting sites cost money.


Calady said...

This was great. Thanks Ms. Place

eric3000 said...

Yeah, I just read in the New Yorker that colors will be leaning toward grey because of the war.

BigAssBelle said...

okay, i look at those charts and think ~ once again, do i have it on the brain? ~ UGLY!

but then i looked at your yarn photos and i think "ooooh, luscious. maybe i need to knit!"

on the whole, i haven't liked the trendy colors of the last several years. i lean toward dark and rich and it seems we've been focusing on light and fizzy.

i do like the colors in the yarn pix, tho. . . . thanks for the link.