Feb 14, 2007

Top Design Sinks, Sank, Sunk

Ok, let me get this straight. Ryan not only made awful furniture choices, he was a poor team player as well. And he gets to stay.

Elizabeth, a great team player and talented designer, did not sink her team, who, by the way, agreed with her green and egg plant color choices. Her team's Miami Beach Cabana looked way better than Team St. Tropez' discordant cabana (though Goil's architectural structure was spot on.)

But Elizabeth gets aufed?

Do you hear the sound of gurgling? That's the sound of Top Design sinking to the bottom of the t.v. show ocean. Way to sabotage a show with great potential, Bravo. Go back to the drawing boards and save this wreck!


Moi ;) said...

I see you got yours up already, too. LOL

Love the Grinch reference. HEY - He's green...how dare you use Green??!!! ;D

BigAssBelle said...

not happy about the way this is going. i liked elizabeth. loved those louvered corners.