Feb 22, 2007

Did the right person get "latered" on Top Design?

Top Design, Episode Four
Awful. What was Felicia thinking? The judges rewarded her by booting her off the show. Right now I'm feeling no sympathy for any of the designers.

But get a load of Ryan's room. Even a guy in solitary confinement would get claustrophobic living in this environment.

Did the right person get booted this week? What do you think of the judges' decision?

Contrast these two sorry rooms to David's winning design in Design Star, which aired last summer and fall on HGTV. David could only purchase his supplies at a pet shop. The glass lamp is made from fish bowls, and the carpet is made from cedar shavings. Talk about a cool concept and solution!


Anonymous said...

Ryan should have been kicked off last week. Keeping him over Felicia is criminal.

Pittypat said...

I am so nostalgic for Design Star. It was totally superior to Top Design. I haven't agreed with the judges about much of anything, and the challenges have been inane. I don't know how anyone could stay in Ryan's room for more than a few minutes. Felicia's wasn't great, but remove the afghan and it wouldn't be awful. Ryan has been close to the bottom every time, yet they kept him. Must be the drama and annoyance factor working for him with the producers.

eric3000 said...

Design Star was a much better show. I think because the budget was smaller. Which is why I think this garage sale episode was the best so far. And, other than Ryan and Felicia, I thought the rooms were really good!

BigAssBelle said...

serious, serious ugly going on here, to quite ms. bennett.