Feb 2, 2007

Eye Candy

You were waiting on tenterhooks, weren't you, wondering when I would introduce the fabulous Matt Damon as my next Eye Candy. Oh, I know he's not the classically handsome type. But here's the thing: I've always preferred his fresh boyish looks over the more regular features of his good friend Ben Affleck.

His acting skills mesmerize me. I had me totally fooled as the dastardly Tom in The Talented Mr. Ripley, and he totally came into his own as a hero in The Bourne Identity. He can get so lost in his part that you forget that he's Matt. That's why I know his career will have staying power.

As I wait for his next movie, I'll just keep looking and looking and looking. No harm just looking, is there?


jinxy said...

While I am not a fan of Ben Affleck (I will never forget his L'oreal commercials and how I LAUGHED)

but, I am not a big fan of Matt Damon's looks. The boy can act... but I have to file difference of opinion on the title of Eye Candy for him.

Anonymous said...

i love him in the bourne identity. can't wait for # 3 to come out.

BML said...

Picture #2 is very nice :)

Anonymous said...

He's 5'4" and can't play poker worth a damn. That second fault just can't be ignored or subscribed to providence.

Ms. Place said...

Oooh, my Eye Candy this week is getting slammed. That the man can't play poker is indeed a set back. However, as to the height question, I beg to differ. Matt's 2 1/2 whole inches taller than Tom Cruise and the same height as Heidi Klum. Poker face or not, I am still a Matt girl. Oh, here's a link to celebrity heights: http://usedwigs.com/lists_08.html

Patrick93001 said...

Thank you for this post. I just visited, by accident, this page: http://www.bearotic.com/2008/06/29/hollywood-fuzz-matt-damon-g

and almost threw up. You provided the antidote. Will M.D. ever be able to shed those pounds (or is just a really well done body prosthesis?)