Feb 15, 2007

Fabuliscious Eye Candy

Grwwwl! Snarlll! Yummm. If Top Design showed off more of this delish man (men?), the show would be a hit. Who is he? What's his name? And does anyone have his cell phone number?

Top Design's finally concentrating on the important things in design: The carpenter.


jinxy said...

When Bravo is done with these boys, they are doing some construction here at work... send 'em over so I have something to look at ll day that doesn't involve a pot-belly.

BigAssBelle said...

pretty, pretty boys. made it worth watching. hope they come up with something similar next week because so far, imo, it's a big ho hum.

Linda Merrill said...

Sadly, they can't do all beach-themed projects. How about a Sauna project? Or something in a garden... on a really hot day. Do we think there is something in those hotties contracts requiring them to go shirtless?