Feb 8, 2007

John's Gone from Top Design

We'll miss ya', you knuckleheaded Neanderthal. You were no diplomat, that's for sure, but such fun to watch. I WISH you'd hung around longer so I could have heard more phrases like, "Felicia got the one I wanted - Bitch!"

Had you dripped or spattered a paint pattern on that bare floor, you might have saved your own ass. Here's one more trip down memory lane with John.

Ciao, dahling. You'll be gone but not forgotten.

Ain't she sweet?
Told you. Shoulda dipped the roller in paint first.
Heee, heee, heee. Got to you, didn't I!
I did all of the work. That little turd just bragged how great he was and contributed nothing.
Whaddaya mean we didn't win?
Huh? Only $8,000 and a 12X12 room?
We havta design and create the bed? You kidding?


Anonymous said...

Where is the 8K in this room?

Anonymous said...


Linda Merrill said...

Believe it or not, but the chair, hassock by the bed, the lamp and large mirror come to over $5,000. The two long lights in the foregroud could easily be $1500 each. And there's your $8k.

Ms. Place said...

Oh, I believe it dahling. Pacific Design's prices are nothing to sneeze at.

But this bargain hunting, antique collecting Dutch woman with her decided Euro but eclectic tastes could take $8,000 and make a 1,200 square foot space look richer than poor John's dinky 12x12 foot room. What is Bravo thinking? Why aren't these designers allowed to go roaming in interesting little shops and introduce some really neat finds into their sets?

jinxy said...

There is so much wrong with the format of this show it's sad. Hopefully Bravo will learn from its misguided mistakes.

Ms. Place said...

Dahling, Jinxy,

Read my post on Top Design Blogger, where I make some suggestions. I agree. The show has major flaws.

BigAssBelle said...

furniture prices are ridiculous. every time i snag some fabulous period piece at auction for a few hundred, i think about the fact that folks are willing to go to a store and pick up a new copy of the same thing for thousands. crazy.