Feb 14, 2007

Top Dog

Ohboyohboyohboy! The show's started!

Hurry, dahlings, Westminster Dog Show is on!

Just get me the win, and I'll make you famous.

You regulation size?

Help, I can't see!

How'd that dog get in here? She's not even purebred!

Here's another one!

Don't I make my trainer look ridiculous?

Happy Valentine's Day, Dahling

2007 Winner: James, Springer Spaniel
(Is James a she? Please someone enlighten me)

Here's what s/he won. An empty dog bowl.

How come we never win? We're cute too.


portty mouth princess said...

Hooray for James! I'm a Springer grrl all the way.

Man Coulter? My eyes! Promise to never post that vile creature on your blog again unless it's to vilify her as she so deserves.

Moi ;) said...

OMG! What kind of dog is that looking at the tube? Moi - has Bichon, will travel. ;)

My husband gets so mad when people call Camilla a horse-face. Good thing you didn't. LOL He doesn't think she's cute, he just is an Anglophile....