Feb 12, 2007

Grammy Fashion Icky Poos

The Grammy dresses were so o-r-d-i-n-ar-y! Where's Lil' Kim when you need her? Here are the worst Grammy fashions, in my humble opinion. Please feel free to disagree. What the hell do I know about dressing musicians any way?

K. T. Tunstall Lookin' Just a Wee Bit Uncomfortable.
Relax, Dahling. Only a few billion people are watching you.

OK Go Terrorist Chic

OK Go Away already!

Imogen Heaps the Ridiculous Factor: Japan Meets Moulin Rouge Meets Insane Asylum

Is That Grass on Your Head, Dahling, or a Salad to Go?

Brooke Hogan: Ya gotta be buff to wear satin, sweet thing

Beyonce: Looking like she got stuck inside an envelope.

Rihanna looking zaftig in the hip area? Must be the cut of this dress and that awful color.

1 comment:

eric3000 said...

I think Imogen Heap is wearing an Austin Scarlet original (not really).