Feb 12, 2007

How fabulous a woman is Scarlett Johansson?

She showed up at the Grammies, but won't make it to the Academy Awards. So this is your chance to observe how perfect her hair, dress, nails, make-up, and shoes are. Spot on, dahling. I'm even getting used to your pigeon toed stance.

How luscious is this Annie Leibowitz photo of Scarlett as Cinderella?


jinxy said...

LOL girl you are scarily starting to read my mind. I just uploaded all these very same photos with the intention of posting them!!

I also have theother Disney photos with Oliver Platt David Beckham Beyonce and Lyle Lovett.

However, serendipitous as it may have been , I so agree with you. I love Scarlett. I just watched Scoop, where she looks amazing as ever with a breathtakingly handsome Hugh Jackman (and an equally annoying Woody Allen) and it inspired me to create a post. Good thing I decided to have my daily peruse of your blog first.

I heartily offer my kudos on this post.

Linda Merrill said...

Hugh Jackman... sigh...

ok, Scarlett is pretty fab.

But my heart belongs to Hugh... evertime I look at him, I actually say - out loud - "His wife is one lucky woman".