Feb 1, 2007

Couple to Watch

This new Bravo couple is rivaling Marcel and Ilan from Top Chef in the hissy fit department. John and Mikey from Top Design promise to be as interesting a pairing, if they last, that is. Design abilities? We'll see. Mobile facial features? Priceless.

They are all imbeciles. Only I know what I'm doing!


Yip, Yip, Yip! Stop yer yappin, you little whiny, no talent, know nothing.

We'll just see about that, you neanderthal hack designer! I've never had to sully my hands before, only my brain. So there!

I'm pissed, majorly pissed.

Who cares? Really, who the hell cares!


Anonymous said...

that guy is creepy.

hughman said...

michael certainly has the "pearl clutching" down.