Feb 17, 2007

Kelly Wearstler: Top Design Fashion Victim or Trend Setter?

Episode One:

Love the look, but what’s up with the spats, dahling? (Kelly's the one in the center.)

Episode Two:

Bicycle gloves, exercise pants, casual tee shirt, evening top, 6" stillettos. Dahling, your sister Leiah just called. She just got in from outer space and said they stopped wearing this hair do light years ago.

Episode Three:

Cute dress, love the sash. What’s up with the stockings? Would you want your mommy to go out dressed in public like that?

Stay tuned for Epi Four. I understand she'll be having a bad hair day, joining this select group.

1 comment:

Gorgeous Things said...

Whoa! My eyes hurt! Man, her fashion says volumes about her design aesthetic. Yikes!