Jun 5, 2007

Anthony Bourdain's World

This podcast is one year old, but it features Anthony in his glory as he talks about his book, Nasty Bits. Considering the number of cooking shows in prime time this spring (3!), Anthony's experiences are worth repeating. Click here for an introduction to Bourdain's world.

His answer to the question, "How do you stay so slim?" is priceless -
"Cigarettes, neurotic personality, fidgeting. An unhealthy lifestyle."

Anthony also reveals that he loves a good pastrami sandwich and great sushi.

If you can't get enough of Bourdain, who is almost as ubiquitous as Rachael Ray, here is a video interview with Andrew Zimmern in St. Paul Magazine, 2007.

If you're as obsessed with watching food competitions as I am, there is an embarrassment of riches this season:

The Next Food Network Star on the Food Network on Sunday
Hell's Kitchen on Fox on Monday
Top Chef3: Miami on Bravo on Wednesday

Can life get any better for a t.v. junkie? I think not.


Jason G said...

Loved Kitchen Confidential and every episode of No Reservations that I've seen so far. But, what Bourdain needs is a catch phrase. You know, like "yummo." Without a gimmick, his brand of intellectual commentary will remain gloriously inaccessible to the mainstream. Thank goodness.

The glut of food showdowns has become a burden for me, personally. So, I chose to sit Hell's Kitchen out. Never really took to the past seasons anyhow. Next Star seems interesting since it's about, marketability, personality and cooking talent (in that order). Seems like that exec producer guy on the panel of judges could have just told us who is going to win since they've probably already chosen in their minds the exact slot that they want to fill in their TV schedule. It would be interesting to see how Anthony Bourdain would fare in this kind of competition. I bet he'd be out the first week for refusing to put out his cigarette.

Ms. Place said...

Great observations, Jason. You're probably right, but knowing that the powers that be have decided who will win doesn't detract from enjoying the drama of Next Star.

Anthony is a phenom by himself. The moment he appears on video, every cell in my body tingles, knowing he is going to say something outrageous. Just love the man.