Jun 4, 2007

Chat With Sujai Tonight

No, not Sanyaja! Sujai!

Sujai Steinhauser. The gloriously beautiful chef who was ousted in the first episode of Top Chef Season 2. Ah, dahlings, had she gone further, her obvious assets would have stood her well in the PR department.

Click here to go to Top Chef: They Cook, We Dish, for instructions on how to enter the chatroom. The chat begins at 7 PM Pacific time, 10 PM Eastern time. See ya there.

1 comment:

ArtfulSub said...

"Sujai, we hardly knew ye." Sorry, I missed the chat.

It's been a long time, but it appears to me that Sujai's "obvious assets" have grown expedientially.

Or that darned Chef's Coat tricked me!! Now, THAT would be a good project for a fashion designer. Design a Chef's Coat that allows a Woman to look like a Woman.