Jun 20, 2007

Pammie and her Dutchman

I never thought I would accuse Pamela Anderson of good taste, but she's fallen in love with a Dutchman. How delicious.
Here's a photo of Pam and her Hansie, Hans Klok, as in clock, as in illusionist, as in hubba hubba hubba. They made such a cute couple on the Today Show. Oh, gosh, I gush.

Aren't Dutch men fun, Pamsie? Hey,what's Tommy doing in the mix? And pull down your skirt, sweetie, or someone might mistake you for Brit.

1 comment:

jinxy said...

He is a little tidbit of delish isn't he??

It's good to see that I'm not the only one that finds herself sitting between her ex and her new guy...