Jun 26, 2007

Laundry Won; Pants Plaintiff None

The case of the missing pants has been tossed out of court. Just about time. I can't think of a more ridiculous court case, or a better way of showing the world that the American criminal justice system has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Here's the text to the Finding of Facts and Conclusion of Law.(Drat the link disappeared.)

As a concerned citizen, I conclude that the plaintive, Judge Roy Pearson, abused the criminal justice system, and that he should be held responsible for paying all of the Chung's court costs and lawyers' fees of around $100,000. Wanna bet this case will take a long time to settle?


ArtfulSub said...

NBC/BRAVO are probably already in negotiations to launch the Judge Roy Pearson Show. Their kind-of-guy politically and morally.

Watch what happens!

Big Fella said...

Sure glad the jury did the right thing in this case. Anyone notice how similar in appearance Judge Pearson is to former mayor Marion Crack-Berry?