Jun 3, 2007

It's Sunday!

So you think opera and ballet and the symphony are for wusses? Then you haven't seen Carmen Burana, a glorious technicolor creation written by Carl Orff in 1937.

Click here, dahlings, and be overwhelmed by the power of music. You've probably heard it before in commercials but didn't realize it was a classic.

Every time this production comes to Richmond, I attend. Here's another YouTube version for the young at heart. If you've seen 300, you'll recognize these scenes.


Linda Merrill said...

Carmina Burana is one of my favorite pieces of music! It's a real "open all the windows and blast the neighbors" work of art. I have two specific memories of the piece. The first is that it was used in the trailer for the movie "Glory" as music under the big war scene. I was excited when I went to see it in the theater to see how they fit it in. And, they never actually used it. Actually, I think there is no music used, which was, in its way, just as powerful. My second memory is of a driving trip I made around France with my then b.f. (who was from Belgium). I purchased this CD for the car, as I was sick and tired of the few music channels we could get. He wasn't familiar with the piece, but by the end of the trip, we were both singing it at the top of our lungs.

We broke up three weeks later...

So, it went from a war soundtrack to a breakup soundtrack. Not much difference I guess. Damn you Carl Orff!

Ms. Place said...

Dayum. Too bad you had that experience. This music is too good to associate with heartache!

Linda Merrill said...

The music is so good it transcends the heartache!

Java Junkie said...

For a work based upon wine, women, song and fortune's turn, it's very powerful, and one of my favorites.

How fortunate you are, Ms. Place, to have actually seen Carmina "Theatrum Mundi" as Orff intended. Most must settle for concert hall performances!

BML said...

It is good music, isn't it!!