Jun 27, 2007

The Top Chef Bottom Four Bottom Out

Here is my analysis of Episode 4's Bottom Four: (Dahlings, Brian with his high cholesterol lobster dish doesn't count - he had immunity.)

Lia's Blazing Saddles Re-imagined Franks and Beans reminded me of a movie I once saw (Oh, go ahead and click. This classic scene from Blazing Saddles is only 53 secs long):

C.J.'s Muddy No Finesse Flavorless Tuna Casserole Dish is reenacted in this timeless scene:

Other Sarah's Uncooked Variation of Chicken a la King reminds me of an uncooked King baby with a crocheted chicken hat.

Micah's Blah Tasteless Yuck it Was Bad With an Odd Finish Meatloaf That Kept on Giving but not in a Very Good Way reminds me of my diet lunches...

And the winner of the losers is: Micah! Please pack up your knives and go. Oh, and take your year book with you. (Dahling, I loved your feistiness, moodiness, and downright bitchiness. Too bad you are gone.)


BigAssBelle said...

poor little micah. this episode last night had me laughing out loud, exposed as i have been to Elks and others of their ilk (Moose, VFW, Shriners, etc) . . . I really couldn't imagine that the Fellows would chow down on the chefs' offerings, but they did.

other than it being delightful, i've no real feelings pro or con about this episode, beyond the fact that i HATE THAT HUNG for leaving the little crawdad on the floor. pig. shameful pig.

Marius said...

That Blazing Saddles clip always cracks me up. Anyway, I also liked Micah. She was quite spunky and will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the losers. I want the instructions to the crochet hat!