Jun 11, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: The Boys Looked Like Idiots

Cute Bonnie. Pretty Bonnie. She called the Hell's Kitchen boys "idiots" in her sweet voice. Was there a touch of gloating? Oh, yeah.
What a delicious episode!

It had drama. With Aaron crying and carrying on, we just KNEW he would be the next one asked to go. But WAIT! First, he trembled so much, that Chef Ramsey told him to rest. This placed the two teams on equal footing for the next short challenge.

In a race against time, the two teams had to skin Dover sole, stripping off the skin without damaging the fish. They then had to remove all of the roe. The girls won by ONE fish, thanks to Melissa and Joanna, who decided to behave rather than put herself on the chopping block again.

The prize? A fishing trip with Chef Ramsey. He actually acted human, talking to the girls affably and giving them tips. Meanwhile, the boys spent those four hours cleaning and preparing more fish for the evening's dinner. Aaron,who had slept the whole four hours, reappeared, saying he was going to call it quits.

Let him, I screamed, let him!!

But the men hugged Aaron and urged him to stay. Big Mistake.

Fast forward to the Kitchen Competition. Both teams started out shaky, most especially Eddie who messed up the spaghetti big time. He never quite regained his tiny equilibrium.

But then the girls somehow pulled their act together and started to kick ass; Melissa and Jen showed leadership; Joanna held herself under control; Bonnie refrained from crying; and Julia worked quietly in the background.

Meanwhile, the guys resembled a bad Keystone Cop routine. They were ordered out of the kitchen, and the red team completed cooking the meals. Chef Ramsey, in assessing the blue team's work, declared that Rock's performance was the least bad, and for him to pick two of his team mates for elimination.

Aaron, right?

Wrong. We see Rock pondering and singing to himself, "I don’t know whattodo whattodo.

Huh? You PICK Aaron! Right?


Rock chose Eddie and Josh. WTF? Even Chef Ramsay looked surprised. Josh?

Fast forward to the reckoning. Chef Ramsay chooses little Eddie to go, saying he made too many mistakes, then told Josh he was giving him another chance.

And Aaron? He who slept for four hours, cried at the drop of a hat, and kept saying, "This is a top class place and maybe I’m not top class." Well, I think that Aaron summed this episode up best: "I was incredibly surprised I was not nominated."

No shit.


BML said...

OMG, didn't Aaron just get on your nerves! I was surprised at who Rock nominated too -- I mean what an opportunity to get rid of Aaron.

Early on, I felt sorry for the woman who is a short order cook. I mean, damn, let her cook some eggs! That's what short order cooks do for gawd's sake!

This was the first episode I have ever watched, lol!

Marius said...

I've only seen a few minutes of one episode. One of my friends loves Hell's Kitchen. Hm, maybe I should give it a chance. Seriously, there's a whole undiscovered world outside of Bravo. LOL