Jun 23, 2007

This and That

Tony Bennett with his daughter
... er, wife.

A family that gets their hair cut together, stays together. I prefer Suri's.

Ryan Reynolds is Scarlett Johannsen's current squeeze and this week's Eye Candy. Why do some girls get all the luck?

This Week's Commentary:
I happened to turn on MSNBC on Thursday night. Big mistake. Expensively paid male newscasters were eagerly anticipating and chatting about Paris' get out of jail card. She'll be released in four days, they said en masse and over and over until I turned the stupid channel off.

Hey guys. Get real. There's a war going on. Global warming is wreaking havoc with our ice caps. Cute seals cubs are being clubbed for their fur and some creeps are selling seal penises for profit. The state of our medical coverage sucks. And you guys are drooling over a blond floozie with no brains and no guts.


Anonymous said...

Nice washboard. He sort of looks like a Ninja turtle.

ArtfulSub said...

Join the growing army of NBC/Universal boycotters! Which includes:

Universal Studios
Universal theme parks

A (possibly temporary) exception can be made for Top Chef, but only if taped, and the numerous commercials and NBC promos are fast-forwarded.

Fight the Power!


Linda Merrill said...

Scarlett Johannsen not only get's to be Scarlett Johannsen but she also gets Ryan Renolds...? Some girls do get all the luck. When did he get to be such a hottie? He played a kind of doofus on some show years ago - 2 guys, a girl and a pizza shop. He played a medical student, I think. Suddenly he's all va-va-voom.