Jun 12, 2007

Identify ...

... these two George Cukor actresses, the film, and the year it was made. That hat! The shoulder pads. Those bubbles!

Thanks for helping out, dahlings.

Don't you simply BLUSH at the photo? HOT.


Anonymous said...

They are clearly Rosalind Russell, left and Joan Crawford, right.
This picture is from "The Women", 1939. Check out the link and scroll down to see this picture:


OK, what did I win? :)


Ms. Place said...

You won my everlasting admiration and respect. I recognized Joan Crawford, but would not have guessed Rosalind Russell.

Great hat. Those dames knew how to dress. Thanks CDG!

BigAssBelle said...

those dames DID know how to dress. i long for shoulder pads and cinched waists and slim skirts flared at the bottom. a fetching chapeau with a bit of netting over one eye for the mystery of it. some stacked heeled low platform CFM pumps, seamed stockings and a satin garter belt. i would be in. heaven. in. it.