Jun 13, 2007

Top Chef 3

Coming tonight. Bravo. Ten PM EST. I and the other Top Chefs can't wait. Here's a last roll call from Season 2.

Perhaps these will improve my image. Ilan
My tool is bigger than Ilan's. Just so you notice. Marcel
If Ilan can do it, so can I. Elia

People are falling over me left and right. Frank

I'm too sexy for the kitchen. Marisa

I brought that show to a new level of sophistication. Michael

If any of the new crew needs my help, they know where to find me in Miami! Carlos

The experience is still so rewarding. Three people recognized me out of the blue at Wal Mart. Emily

Me, our breasts, and pooch are happy as clams! Betty

No one got to know the real me. Otto


Marius said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

BigAssBelle said...

i can't wait! i thought i missed it last week when daddy's heart rate dropped through the floor. i didn't think about it until after spending a night sitting bolt upright in a chair. i was delighted to find out i was a week ahead of schedule.

sleepy today. taking a nap so i can be fresh and bright-eyed and on it for the debut of the new cooks. yay!

Anonymous said...

where is Chef Josie???

Ms. Place said...

Chef Josie is one of my favorite Chefs, Anon, and she was cut too soon from the competition. However, she did not submit a funny picture in her photo diary. So I chose the chefs I could make fun of. Here's the URL to a neat photo of her, though. Hope this helps.