Jun 4, 2007

MTV Movie Awards: The Red Carpet Treatment

Victoria, Ashley, dahlings, you both look fahbulous! Only next time, could you tuck your bras in?

I lived in Baltimore, and I say, "Now THAT'S a beehive!"

I think I kinda like the before more, however...

A little mouse overheard Megan Fox say, "I will pee in my pants if I see Justin Timberlake!" Well, no need, dahling. Here's a little gift.

And last but not least, our erstwhile heiress decided to make a teensy stop on her way to jail,

Look what she found in her MTV gift bag! Oh, how thoughtful. You know how she adores playing dress up with her pooch!

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Marius said...

Victoria looks hot. I didn't watch the MTV Movie Awards, but I'm sure everyone was dressed to impress, as they say. They interviewed Paris after the show, and she talked about going to jail. She actually sounded like a grown-up. Maybe this whole ordeal will do her some good.