Jun 21, 2007

Bourdain's Take on the Next Food Network Star

Seen on the blogosphere, Anthony Bourdain discusses Episode Two of the Next Food Network Star in Ruhlman's blog. Do we sense a bit of sarcasm and irony here? Thanks Top Chef: They Cook, We Dish, for pointing me to Anthony's take on NFNS, one of the shows I recap.

Here is Anthony's take on the first episode.The man minces no words, but he did get some details wrong. Ah, well, the Great One's biting humor makes up for his lack of pesty accuracies.


RVA Foodie said...

Wow, I am humbled every time I read Anthony Bourdain's foodie-TV commentaries. As much as I get a kick out of watching these shows (TC and NFNS), I can't bring myself to blog about the characters. Now I know why. Leave it to the professionals. I'm just an amateur TV watcher. You write what you know and Tony B has the Food Network experience to provide real expertise on these new shows while I write about mexican take out and innovations with ramen. What's hard to believe is that Bourdain's analysis is actually more entertaining than the shows themselves. Go Anthony.

ArtfulSub said...

Mr. Bourdain definately made the right decision when he left cooking/managing and became Bourdain for a living.

The guy can snark, and even when he snarks people I like, or have never heard of, I admire his wordsmithery.

What details did he get wrong?

Thanks again for turning me on to this pretty-darned-good show.


Ms. Place said...

Just quickly off the bat, Art, it's Bob Tuschman not Tushman (although Anthony might have made this mistake on purpose) and Vivien, not Adrien. Those are the only two mistakes I can think of right off the bat in the Epi One recap, minor to be sure, but for a blog of Ruhlman's stature, I'm surprised to see them.

No mistakes of substance, though. I think Anthony is devastatingly accurate in his insights. This show is FUN, precisely for many of the reasons Anthony points out.

Anonymous said...

I recently ate at Chef Josie's restaurant in LIC NY and I swear she is the female version of Bourdain-no boundries and she was great in person! BTW, her food was great!

I hope we get to see a little more Chef Josie again in the near future