Mar 18, 2007

John God-Awfuliano strikes again!

Is it me, or are John Galliano's 2007 Spring and Fall collections for women slightly preferable to the men's? (Click here for a reminder. But be warned, set down any hot liquids before peeking.) Please understand, I live in Richmond. We folks don't go around looking like this. I don't care how well his clothes are made.

The Spring Godawful Easter Bonnet Collection

The Fall Halloween Munster Family Parade

Does Ms. Place ever find anything to her liking, you ask yourself. Yes! Check out this Eli Saab Haute Couture collection. Breathtaking.

Find other Fall 2007 looks on this Elle Magazine site.


Damselfly said...
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Damselfly said...

I totally agree with you that these are something that anyone would wear walking down the street (I'm talking about the girlish collection not the goulish one!Ha!) But the imagery is strong and with the acception of the top dress the other 2 have great lines that would....ahem....look good on a woman with a more womanly figure....boobs and some curves! And there is something very "Ascot Gavotte" about the long dresses and crazy hats.

(sorry about the delete...too many embarassing spelling!)

Marius said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Galliano. I admire the fact that he likes to take risks, but most of the time, he goes too far.

Suzi said...

Innovation, risk-taking and being "fashion forward" is great for the world of fashion.

However, that collection is "not of this world" I live in SF Bay Area and NO ONE (well, maybe on Halloween) would be caught dead or alive in those atrocities.

Ms. Place said...

There's no doubt that his clothes are strikingly well made and that his collections stand out from the crowd.

However - he really pushes beyond my limits!

lotusgreen said...

i love them! except for the scary makeup