Mar 6, 2007

Eye Candy With an International Flavor

During my travels this week, I realized how much I adore the international flavor of major airports. One sees men from all over the world as one rushes from gate to gate. In honor of the visual feast to which I was (happily) subjected, here are some fabulous men (young and older) for your delectation.


Gael Garcia Bernal exploded onto the cinematic scene in Y tu mamá también. Most recently he's acted in the Motorcycle Diaries and Babel. I suspect this young man has a long and successful career ahead. And it doesn't hurt that he looks like John Stamos' younger brother.

Indian descent - American

Sendhill Ramamurthy caught my eye in Heroes. I don't know much about him, but Grrrwwwl! Look at those liquid eyes. I could just drown in them.


Oded Fehr first crossed my radar scope when he bared his very fine toned and manly ass in Deuce Bigalow: American Gigolo. He went on to costar in the Mummy movies and has stayed busy every since. As an up and coming young actor, sometimes it pays to bare all. Such a drastic measure might, er, increase your fan base rapidly.


Cillian Murphy was absolutely memorable in 28 Days After. When I saw him woo Scarlett Johannsen in Girl With a Pearl Earring, I knew he was a keeper. An Irish laddie for a Dutch lassie? Perfect.


Ken Wantanabe can play heroic figures like no other actor. He was absolutely convincing as the King of Siam in Anna and the King, the business man in Memoirs of a Geisha and the Samurai warrior in the Last Samurai. What a fine, fine, sexy actor.

New Zealand

I know very little about Dwayne Cameron except that he's from one of my favorite countries in the world and that his baby blues are smoldering. Dwayne's been keeping busy landing t.v. parts in his native country. Americans might have noticed him in Power Rangers, playing the part of Dru Harrington.

Benin, Africa

Djimon Hounsou first caught my eye in Janet Jackson's 1992 video, Love Will Never Do. He started out as a runway model and graduated to movies, most notably The Gladiator and Blood Diamond, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for supporting actor. Beautiful man. Fabulous actor.

Italian Descent - American

I remember seeing Antonio Sabato Jr. on a billboard in Times Square wearing nothing but Calvin Klein underwear. My heart nearly stopped beating. Antonio's known more for his killing looks than his acting. He did his soap stint in General Hospital and has acted in a few forgettable made for t.v. movies, but who cares. Just LOOKING at Mr. Gorgeous makes my libido rise.

Love Will Never Do Video


jinxy said...

Its like an eye candy sampler platter! Delish!!

Maya said... candy.

Sendhill...absolutely top of the list.

Maybe you could do a "hot international voices" list next? Kari Njiiri (I think he's from Kenya)from WFCR has the hottest voice on radio.

Linda Merrill said...

yummy! I always love Ken Watanabe (sorry, probably mispelled that).

Traveling is a great time to enjoy foreign men. I had a great time in Italy window browsing the men. Unfortunately, they were all window browsing my 20 year old niece...

Java Junkie said...

I know he's old news, but I've loved Antonio since "Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown"!

The Team of TDB said...

Ah, I agree with your every choice. Cillian Murphy has the most amazing eyes.

Check out Karl Urban or Chewitel Ejiofor. Yummy yes but great actors too.


ruby said...

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Jana said...

I just love your taste in men,especially those men right there!! Well done!