Mar 11, 2007

Speaking Dutch

In a world where so few speak Dutch fluently, and where most Dutch folks speak English and at least two other languages, it is difficult to hear, learn, or practice Dutch.

Pronouncing Dutch is a handy site for those who wish to expand their linquistic horizons or learn to whisper sweet nothings in your Dutch lover's ear.


Els said...

Thanks for sharing this link .
I am one of the 21 million who speaks Dutch. When I clicked at the link and hearing the Dutchman say our alphabet I thought he has an English accent.

Ms. Place said...

Hi Els, Funny that you made that comment. After living 3/4 of my life in the U.S., my Dutch relatives tell me I speak Dutch with an American accent. In fact, my entire family does. So I did not pick up on this man's English accent!

Whenever I meet another Dutch person I immediately start gabbing in Dutch. The last time was in Paris, and the two ladies just looked dumb struck. We had never met before, and they just couldn't believe how chatty I was.

Els said...

I do understand the urge to talk in Dutch while you have the opportunity, it still is your first language after all.

Linda Merrill said...

I tried learning Dutch once, just to be able to whisper sweet nothings into my Belgian (Flemish) boyfriends' ear. My French is better, but ultimately, it was good he knew English. His 4th language. I felt so American!