Mar 8, 2007

Class Act

Any time I think of Fred Astaire, I smile. He was dapper, debonair, and so talented that I actually believed he could suspend himself in air. Fred hated the dress Ginger wore in this famous scene from Top Hat. Once in a while those ostrich feathers would hit him in the face as they twirled around the dance floor. A true professional, he successfully disguised his annoyance.


damselfly said...

He almost refused to complete the scene unles they put her in another dress. But the director convinced him that the work to reshoot the entire scene would be way more than just finishing shooting with the dress.

As it was, there was a dresser off screen with a pair of scissors running in to take pieces off that were getting in the way.

Melanie said...

I enjoyed watching that little bit of heaven this morning--an unexpected, relaxing pleasure.

Thank you!

Calady said...

Ah a hero of mine.I loved this man and could watch him dance over and over.
Thanks for sharing.