Mar 15, 2007

All About Aqua

In January I showcased the color pink in all its glorious lushness.

Now Aqua gets a spotlight all its own!

Michael Miller Blueplate Special Fabric

Retro Earrings

Jan Brady Chair

Aqua Drawer Pull

Aqua Goggles

Motorola Radio

Aqua "Turn Back Time"

Bath Tub Dots

Globe made with gem stones and on gold stand

Aquamarine Ring

Zaha Hadid Aqua Table

Toy Car

Retro Wall paper


Gauzy Top


Alarm Clock

Diva Feathers

Water Slide

Aqua Harp


Linda Merrill said...

The aqua table reminded me of "egg pants" by Liz Kinnmark. Check em out here:

Love this color!

Ms. Place said...

So cool, Linda. Yes, the legs remind me of the egg pants. Thanks for the visual tie in.

eric3000 said...

Ooh, I love aqua!