Mar 24, 2007

Eye Candy

If you watch Grey's Anatomy, you are probably experiencing the same quandary as me and asking yourself: "Who do I prefer? The gorgeous Patrick Dempsey or the yummilicious Justin Chambers?"

McDreamy or McSteamy?

Born in 1966, Patrick Dempsey played Reese Witherspoon's fiancee in Sweet Home Alabama. He lost no fans when he graciously bowed out of the wedding, and then landed the role of Dr. Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy. Along the way, he's become a new daddy. In my book, studliness does becometh a man.

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers was born in 1970 and raised in Springfield, Ohio. He began his career as a professional model working throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S. with contracts at Calvin Klein and Armani, and then studied acting.

Dahlings, I don't care how good his thespian skills are, I can only recall that skimpy towel and how my jaw dropped when I thought Justin was going to reveal all.

According to one biography, Justin has sired five progeny. If this is true, I am forever grateful to him for taking a vigorous part in making this world a more strikingly beautiful place to live.


Marius said...

Ms. Place, thank you for posting these pictures. Men are such wonderful creatures. By the way, I prefer Justin Chambers.

Linda Merrill said...

Ms. Place, I hate to be the boy toy police, but I think you've conflated Eric Dane (McSteamy) and Justin Chambers (Alex Korev) into one hunk-o-man.

Either way, I'm a Patric Dempsey fan. Not only is he a blue eyed looker, he can act. Did you ever see him in "Once and Again"? He played Sela Ward's mentally ill brother. He wasn't on often, but he was fabulous. Gorgeous and heart breaking.

jinxy said...

I don't care how good-looking you are, if you have 5 kids in tow, then you are just too much man for this little GA girl....

But Mr. Dempsey, now THERE is another story entirely, but I fell in love with him in Can't Buy Me Love. I have a soft spot for sexy nerds, and when I saw him on that riding mower with the cowboy hat on it was all over for me.

BigAssBelle said...

oh. my. god. i don't watch grey's anatomy, but i did catch a few minutes of it once and that dempsey boy. god is a good god to create something so perfect, so entirely fetching, so enticing. divine, that boy.