Mar 30, 2007

Pet Food: Who can you trust?

Not my pooch, but it looks just like my tiny Da Vinci Cody Meister

According to an Associated Press story, "Recalled pet foods contained a chemical used to make plastics, but government tests failed to confirm the presence of rat poison, federal officials said Friday.

The Food and Drug Administration said it found melamine in samples of the Menu Foods pet food, as well as in wheat gluten used as an ingredient. Cornell University scientists also have found the chemical, sometimes used as a fertilizer, in the urine of sick cats, as well as in the kidney of one cat that died after eating the company's wet food."

I thank my lucky stars that I feed only dry food to my pooch. I feel nothing but sympathy for the pet owners who fed their pets what they thought was superior stuff, only to watch them suffer. In a world full of pain and anguish, this might be a minor point but, at the very least, shouldn't we be able to trust the manufacturers of our pet food?

N'uff said.

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Moi ;) said...

I heard somewhere that the stuff might be in some of the dry foods, too. I didn't see ours on the list (Wee Bit) - if you do, let me know! Our poocher has a really sensitive stomach so if there was the slightest thing wrong we would know instantly.