Mar 1, 2007

Barker Field

My terror terrier Cody spends most of his day patiently waiting for me. As a single working gal committed to long hours at work, frequent travel, and off hour play, I am determined to make my loyal pooch happy.

Enter Barker Field, an off leash dog park in the heart of Richmond in Byrd Park near the Carillon. My pup is a foundling saved from euthanasia by a rescue group. His life's mission is to live free and unencumbered. I suspect that is how he was separated from his first family.

Without the release he experiences at Barker Field, this little escape artist would have fled my house a long time ago.
The Da Vinci Cody Meister has no idea that he is a small dog (29 lbs.) He runs as fast as his short legs can carry him, but regardless of how hard he runs my pooch can't keep up with the big boys.
No matter.
The sheer joy on the Codester's face as the wind whips his bearded face is worth the extra half hour drive to get him there. After 30 minutes of uninterrupted play, he is ready to return home for a long snooze.

Thanks, Barker Field, for making my pooch's city life so bearable.

To visit Friends of Barker Field online, click here.

To find other off leash parks in the USA, click here.

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BigAssBelle said...

how wonderful! i wish we had a dog park here. pets & people, the rescue outfit which held our little Miss Betty, has a great dog park just out their back door. we have to run our frisky little terriers down at the 7th Day Adventist schoolyard several blocks from home. eek!