Mar 26, 2007

Whatever happened to...

Phoebe Cates?

She played the popular girl in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and fulfilled the fantasies of every prepubescent boy by taking of her swim top in front of Judge Reinholdt. No doubt he is still recovering from the experience.
Phoebe then.

Phoebe now, with husband Kevin Kline. Mother of two children, Phoebe acts only occasionally these day if at all. In 2005, she opened a boutique with her partners on Madison Ave and named it Blue Tree.

At $75.00, this beach pareo Milano is definitely within my budget, although many items listed online are not.

Learn more about Phoebe in this 2006 USA Today article.

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jinxy said...

She was so cute in the Gremlins movies. I know she did a movie called The Anniversary Party, but I never got to see it... I'll rent it and watch it now just to see how she did.