Mar 21, 2007

Kelly Wearstler, Top Design PreRaphealite

Oh, dahlings, Top Design, through the person of Kelly Wearstler, is channelling Pre-Raphaelite beauties and leg-0-mutton sleeved suffragettes. Who knew that she represented a true Renaissance woman!


jinxy said...

My money's on Louis XIV

eric3000 said...

I'm not sure who Rossetti's model was but she looks just like Kelly!

BigAssBelle said...

i actually had a shirt with leg-o-mutton sleeves when i was just a bitty little hippie girl. :-)

jinxy said...

The model was a famous English artist's model names Elizabeth (Lizzie) Siddal (I hope I spelled the name right)

She was married to Dante Rossetti, who also painted the picture if I'm not mistaken. He was a founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite society.

I have always been a huge fan of their work, and I think Elizabeth Siddal was a gorgeous woman.

She also posed for the famous painting of Ophelia, but Rossetti didn't paint that one. I forgot which one painted that one.