Mar 11, 2007

St. Paul de Vence

My Aunt Sylvia lived in a small pensione called Les Hameaux du Soleil, between Cannes and Nice, and near the quaint hilltop town of St. Paul de Vence. Most people who travel to the Cote d’Azur gravitate towards this town, which peers over the Mediterranean on one side and the lavender scented hills of Provence on the other. Only 300 people live within the medieval walls, but it seems more like 2,000 when the tourists hit the streets.

These photos, however, will show you why this town is such a popular tourist stop. My aunt worked in one of the many art galleries for which this town is famous.

We watched some old men play bocce ball in a small park to the left of this intersection.

The narrow streets are filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries.

You can find public fountains everywhere, and drink from the ones with "Potable" signs. Mom and Dad honeymooned in the Cote d'Azur. One of my favorite photos of them is by this fountain.

Picture perfect wherever you look.

Steep steps up the town wall.
View from the wall.

We parked near this church. To the left sits the highway that took us back down to our hotel.

My aunt's tiny pensione was too small to accommodate four travelers. We stayed at this Best Western Hotel Le Floreal, proof positive that one can find picturesque, yet affordable accommodations in one of the richest playgrounds in the world.


Linda Merrill said...

Thanks for the tour! I did a driving trip around France a few years ago (Caen, Normandy, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lourdes, Versailles, Paris - in that order, in 6 days). We never made it to the coast. Sometime.

Damselfly said...

Thank you for making me jealous...I was missing that particular shade of green from my!
Those images are beautiful! Boo Hoo!;o)