Mar 18, 2007

How Cool Is This Blouse?

Madonna-she of the thin but inexplicably popular voice-has gone through more personalities than Sybil, the woman famously portrayed by Sallie Field back in the 80's. Her latest self-reinvention? Fashion designer. Surprisingly, I rather like this reasonably priced blouse. What sensible Dutch girl wouldn't go for short puffy sleeves? Of course, I'd have to button a few more buttons, else I'd be fired from work. On second thought, it might just get me a date for Saturday night.

My least favorite Madonna reinventions are of her as a prim British housewife and as an Angelina Jolie saint-in-training groupie. I might not appreciate Madonna's brand of music, but she's seldom boring. Here are a few of her disguises over the years.

Desperately Seeking Susan days

Ok, yeah, she's hitch hiking in the nude. You'll have to Google your own pix if you want a larger version; this is a family friendly blog.

Return of the pointy bra.

S&M Town and Country Style

Dumpster Diving




St. Theresa Wannabes

Not bad for 48. Proof positive that yoga will keep you limber. But, er, dahling, not a good angle for a photo, ok?

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Marius said...

Ms. Place,

You are very welcome. And thank you for being such a sweetheart. By the way, I love Madonna's S&M Town and Country Style.

Take care,