Mar 29, 2007

American Idol Poseur

Thank you my adoring fans for voting for my puppy-like cuteness week after week. I mean, with hair like mine, who needs talent?

Move over, Bitch. I'm gonna win this thing!


Laz said...

The worst thing is that it doesn't even seem like he's trying anymore. I curse for skewing the competition to the extent that they do. The rest of the guys are good...if any of them go home before Sanjaya then the whole season will have been a sham.

Ms. Place said...

I agree, Laz. If he remains while better singers are booted off, I think that it will be the end of Idol as we know it. They'll have to come up with a new formula for choosing the winners or risk losign all credibility.

jinxy said...

American Idol started when I was living overseas and it's something I've never managed to get interested in. I guess I always saw it more as a popularity contest than something based in real talent.

But here at work, I sometimes feel like I do watch it because I usually know what is going on thanks to the water cooler gossip.

Anonymous said...

This show has never been on the up and up. I vote for Sanjaya because he's the most entertaining. He's having fun at least. A lot of dull singers this year.