Sep 26, 2007

Who Will Be The Final Two Top Chefs Standing?

You can vote for more than one chef.

Who Will Be The Final Two?
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Can't get enough of Top Chef these last few weeks? In addition to the usual suspects of Amuse Biatch, Blogging Top Chef, and Top Chef: They Cook, We Dish, have you hopped over to Blog by Cosmo Marius and Eric Three Thousand. Their takes on last week are especially enlightening.


ArtfulSub said...

I've got a Season Four SCOOP at my blog.

BML said...

I don't get cable, so I don't get to watch this I voted for the one I think is cutest -- sorry, lol ;)

she said...

did you ever post a link to gails blog?

and, like i told you an artfulsub, i just started watching food network thanks to ya'll, and i like tyler the southern cook. he made shrimp and grits and little pecan tarts. niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

looks like casey is going to get it but now i wonder is it because they need to vote in a female? i havent been watching long enough to see how whe stacks up against the other top chefs.

i do like that her food is about tasting good over seriously esoteric combinations. although i am pretty big on the plating part...i love that part the best on iron chef.

enough of me now. good day to you!

Marius said...

Thanks for the link, Ms. Place. I have no clue what to expect. But I'd love to see Hung and Casey in the final.