Sep 4, 2007

Top Chef 3: Who Should Go?

Ah, finally some relief. Bravo's showing an original episode of Top Chef tomorrow. So here's my question for you - who's going?

Which Top Chef Should Go Next?
Hung and his monkey
CJ and his huge cojoine
Brian and his powder blue pants
Casey and her onions
Howie and his sweat bands
Dale and his high tide pants
Sara and her "Ssssh!"
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RVA Foodie said...

I look at this list and I don't see anyone who doesn't inspire me to rationalize a dismissal. In other words, despite the fact that this group is slightly more mature and experienced, I see no top chefs here, and only a smidgeon of potential for greatness in a few. Begrudgingly, I voted Howie off the island in the interest of gender equity and for a lack of a better word... justice. Live by the sword...

Ms. Place said...

Bwahaha! Well said!

ArtfulSub said...

It's hard to say. One thing I've noticed is that both Hung and Howie have received specific usable critiques from the judges. With Hung seeming to learn from his early mis-steps. I.E. visually unattractive presentations.

While the rest of them, especially Casey, haven't really been given anything specific to improve upon.

"We didn't like one of your dishes tonight, Casey." "You're not a FOH guy, Brian." "I think you could have done better, CJ". "We felt your dish was a little off-the-mark, other Sara."

What are you supposed to DO about comments like those?

Marius said...

Excellent points, RVA Foodie and Artfulsub. I think Casey should go, but who knows what will happen. Bravo loves to mess with our heads.

Karin Russell said...

I am not sure who should go, although I think I know who will... C.J. was interviewed recently and, when asked about the quality of the remaining chefs, responded that the remaining group was "pretty tight", and proceeded to give a verbal nod to Hung, Dale, Brian and Casey. Notice that only Howie and Sara's names were missing. He was definitely interviewed long after Howie's departure, but definitely not before it was publicly revealed (tonight) so obviously someone wasn't manning the controls. So before this episode, I knew that either Sara or Howie would be leaving this week, and Sara will go next week. It's unfortunate, in my opinion. I think she's been underrated all along.

Ms. Place said...

Karin, if your assessment is true about Sara's leaving, then I'll be hugely disappointed. Like you, I believe she's underrated. She's been like a quiet tigress biding her time in the grass waiting to spring.

Mmmm. Hope you're wrong.

jennthebenn said...

I could eventually learn to deal with Casey outlasting Lia. But if she outlasts Sara? That'll be my "noooo!" moment for this season.