Sep 15, 2007

From Bad to Fab: Some Fashion Candidates We'd Like Made Over on Tim Gunn's Show

Ho hum, the third installment of Tim's Guide to Style has come and gone and I was, well, as unimpressed as Trixie from Kora in Hell. I enjoyed the first two shows, but after a third formulaic installment I've become BORED with the predictable format. While JeAnne and Rebecca were a bit drab before, and while Tim and Veronica helped them to concentrate on purchasing stylish, well-fitted outfits, I'm predicting that after two more shows we'll all have trouble recalling one woman from the next.

So here's my teensy suggestion for improvement: Ask Tim and Veronica to do a more memorable make over. How? You ask yourself. Well, choose some truly worthy candidates, for starters:

Britney Spears: Anything Tim and Veronica do with her will be an improvement.

Mariah Carey: Tim and Veronica could concentrate on helping her dress for her age and size.

Amy Winehouse: While girlfriend has a strong look, it tends to descend to the traileur trashe side of life. I think Amy can look fab and cutting edge at the same time.

Courtney Love: Even Tim and Veronica would be challenged by her.

Pamela Anderson. 'Nuff said.

Skeletal model: Why are they always making over the "fat" girl? Why not make this walking stick look normal through choice of clothes and makeup until she gains a few healthy pounds? Now THAT would be a memorable makeover!


Anonymous said...


Priceless list and I couldn't agree more... especially with the first two!

When it comes to Brit Brit, I think it would take the Vatican to intercede, since she refuses advice from anyone.

And MiMoo needs start dressing her age.

cb said...

no, the fat girls need made over, because all our days are spent staring at clothes designed for not-us. it's hard as shit to know how to dress your body when you have boobs and hips and an ass, but none of the clothes you can find accommodate boobs, hips and ass.

Tim said that plus size girls are the "forgotten women" and he's totally right. i mean hell's bells, I'm not even a plus size and I still can't find clothes to handle all this junk in my trunk. (besides muumuus. and who wants to wear a muumuu?)

i think the best makeover for britney would be a full length paperbag that would also cover her head. maybe a full-on burka. and then close her away someplace far, far away where the media can't get.
and keep her there.

think napoleon in exile on elba.

Ms. Place said...

Point well made, cb. I thought JeAnne's makeover was quite touching, actually. She glowed when she showed off her dresses, and her expression said it all when she tried on those designer clothes.

I more than meant my tongue in cheek assessment of skinny models (walking skeletons,) however. If, as a society, we don't continually rise up and PROTEST having those anorexic models held up as examples of beauty (which they are not), then what chance do young girls who are a healthy weight stand as they face the uncertain age of puberty and the pressures of advertising?

BigAssBelle said...

hahaha!! "why are they always making over the fat girl?" priceless :-)